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Grand Master

Eugene Sedeño

GM Sedeño started boxing and Judo with Mr. Raymond Yee at the age of ten in Kalihi Valley, Oahu, and is a first generation student and black belt of Professor Walter Leo Niakala Godin.

  • Kajukenbo - 9th Dan - Grand Master

He has been teaching since 1969, and currently instructs at Sedeño's School of Self Defense in Albuquerque, NM.

Grand Master

Vernon Kam

Vernon is from his hometown of Kalihi, Hawaii.

  • Kenpo - 9th Dan – Grand Master

He currently has a school and teaches at Kam’s Kenpo Karate in Chandler, Arizona.


Lin Barry

Lin has been studying martial arts since 1974

  • Kenpo -7th Dan -Sigung

  • 2000-01 World Champion in Weapons Category

She teaches both elementary school and Karate at Karate for Christ of Arizona.

Currently lives in Mesa AZ

Grand Master

Steve Shover

Steve has been practicing the martial arts since 1968 and teaching since 1975. 

  • Kajukenbo - 5th Dan

  • Kenpo - 10th Dan

He is an instructor at Professional Self Defense Institute in Grand Junction, Colorado and currently lives in Glade Park, CO

Chief Instructor 

Bob Napier

  • Kajukenbo - 1st Dan – Chief Instructor

Currently lives in Harrison, Ohio

Chief Instructor 

Kristov Cerda

  • Kajukenbo - 5th Dan – Chief Instructor

Currently lives in Concepción, Chile


Valentín Garrido Martín

  • Kajukenbo – 3rd Dan – Sifu

Vice President of the Kajukenbo Association of Castilla la Mancha, his school has more than 100 students instructed by GM Valentín Garrido. Currently lives in Azuqueca, Castilla-La Mancha, Spain.


Eric Cardona

  • Kenpo – 3rd Dan – Sifu

Currently lives in Georgia USA and teaches at at Ju-Ka-Kung Kempo

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