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OKO School Affiliations and Affiliates:

  • If you are an OKO Lifetime Member and would like your school’s name listed with us, please contact me with you and your school’s name.

         Professor Dennis Stewart, OKO President.

         Phone: (602) 726-0013

1. Ordonez Kajukenbo Ohana – Jason Groff

2. Karate for Christ of Arizona – Dennis Stewart

3. Christian Kenpo Fellowship – Chris Stewart

4. Karate for Christ International – David Dunn

5. The Learning Lab – Dennis Duarte

6. Wolf Den Martial Arts Academy – John Atkinson

7. Bladed Mind – Nain El Guzman and Rick Ramos

8. One on One FMA - Sacramento, CA – Harry Greene

9. Island One Martial Arts – Dennis Duarte

10. Island Style Kajukenbo – Bob Kato Gomez

11. Napier Martial Arts – Bob Napier

12. Mills Martial Arts – Jamey Mills

13. OKO Colorado – Aj Carroll

14. Kajukenbo School of Self Defense - Aj Carroll

15. DSAL Boxing Academy – Mickey Lopez

16. Kajukenbo De Mingo - Manuel Villaseñor

17. Fermin Martial Arts - Mike Fermin

18. Kempo Unlimited Hawaii – Tommy Lam

19. Advanced Kenpo Karate System – George Jorge Versola III

20. Dojo Romano Italy – Dojo Romano Carmelo

21. Oklahoma City Combat Sambo/Combatives – Aaron Dodson

22. Hei-Wa-Bujin Kan - Ron Carlson

23. Teja’s Fight Science – Dean Goldade

24. Gamma Martial Arts – Philip Gelinas

25. Gaylord Texas Kajukenbo – Armando Saldana

26. Eguaras Ohana Martial Arts - Louis Eguaras

27. Professional Self Defense Institute - Steve Shover

28. A.K.C.M. - Manuel Villaseñor

29. MPBC Karate for Christ - Chris Stewart

30. Kajukembo Training Center - William T Villanueva Matias

31. VEA Martial Arts Academy - Mike Cardenas

32. Scientific Combatives Group - Zen Dawson-Giles

33. Ju-Ka-Kung Kempo - Eric Cardona Sanchez

34. Ross Tremayne, Yamabujin Goshin-jutsu - Yama Bujin

35. Tucson Kajukenbo - John Truman

36. Wade's Martial Arts - Anthony Wade

37. CQB Kajukenbo Club - Dave Jones

38. Central Texas Kajukenbo - Jim Mahan

39. Kajukenbo Pedro Garcia - Manuel Villaseñor

40.Tai Tsuku Do Kenpo _David Oliveri

41. Steel Driver Martial Arts - Clint Randolph

42. Versatile Fighting Arts - Jeff White

43. The Three Waters River School of Self Defense - James Speights

44. Team Chaotic Combat - William Perez

45. Lion's Den School of Self DefenseJake Odom

46. Casa De Combate Del Valle - Carlos Del Valle

Grand Master

Eugene Sedeño

GM Sedeño started boxing and Judo with Mr. Raymond Yee at the age of ten in Kalihi Valley, Oahu, and is a first generation student and black belt of Professor Walter Leo Niakala Godin.

  • Kajukenbo - 9th Dan - Grand Master

He has been teaching since 1969, and currently instructs at Sedeño's School of Self Defense in Albuquerque, NM.

Eugene S.jpg


Michelle Manu

She is the only woman accepted as a disciple and earn the title of teacher (Kumu) under Grand Master (‘Olohe) Solomon Kaihewalu in over 40 years

  • Kaihewalu Lua - 10th Dan -

         ‘Umi Kekele’ele’ele

Michelle is known for her accomplishments as a 10th Black Belt and teacher (Kumu) of the rarely seen ancient Hawaiian Combat Art, Lua.

Honorary Great Grand Master
Ron Carlson

Ron began training in Martial Arts in 1954

65+ Years Teaching and Training Experience

  • Kajukenbo - 9th Dan - Honorary Great Grand Master

  • Founder & Director Kempo First Foundation & Peaceful Warrior Training Center 

Senior Grand Master Carlson currently teaches small groups, privates and seminars in Colorado and continues to train and develop his personal system of Kempo & Gung Fu Gow-Ren- Lu Kempo & Gung Fu System

SGM Ron with frame 2.jpg

Professor Tommy C. Lam

Tommy has been training in the martial arts for more than 30 years. He has trained with some of the best instructors in the world and has taken his knowledge to teach at Kempo Unlimited Hawaii.

  • Kajukenbo -8th Dan Professor

He is proficient in the arts of Chinese kempo, judo, jiujitsu, kung fu, boxing, kickboxing and self-defense. Currently lives in Honolulu HI and teaches at Kempo Unlimited Hawaii.

Tommy 5.jpg
Pat cropped frame.jpg

Grand Master Pat Tyrell

Ranked first with SGM Alan Reyes through second degree black. Then ranked with Sijo and SGM Dechi Emperado. 8th and 9th from Co-Founder Uncle Frank Ordonez. Founding member of the Kajukenbo Hui.

Chief Instructor James Speights

James has been studying martial arts since 1984. He had the privilege to study under Victor "Sonny" Gascon and received a blessing from  Uncle Frank and GGM Jason Groff in 2013 

  • Karazenpo - 6th Dan

He currently teaches at The Three Waters River School of Self Defense in Rhode Island.​

JS Frame.jpeg

Chief Instructor Carlos Del Valle

Carlos is a U.S. Marine Corps Veteran, Close Combat Instructor Trainer (Now known as MCMAP) and member of the Quantico Marine Judo Team. He is a Black Belt in multiple arts to include Shotokan, Kyokushin, Judo and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (Gracie Barra). Training Martial Arts for 42 years.

  • Kajukenbo - 5th Dan

  • Official OKO Jiu-Jitsu Advisor

Sibok Alberto Luna

Alberto is our official Spanish Speaking Advisor/Translator. 

  • Kajukenbo - 2nd Dan

He trains under SGM AJ Carroll at OKO Colorado​.

Alberto 2.jpg
Robert Jones.jpeg


Robert L. Jones

  • Kajukenbo - 8th Dan

  • Kenpo - 10th Dan

He currently teaches at Warrior Spirit Martial Arts Academy in Las Vegas, Nevada

Lin Barry

Lin has been studying martial arts since 1974

  • Kajukenbo - 8th Dan - Professor

  • 2000-01 World Champion in Weapons Category

She teaches both elementary school and Karate at Karate for Christ of Arizona.

Currently lives in Mesa AZ

P Lin.jpg
Mickey Lopez crop.jpg


Mickey Lopez

Sigung Mickey Lopez started his Kajukenbo training in 1994 under Grand Master Ron Esteller.

He also trains Jeet Kune Do, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and Muay Thai.

  • Kajukenbo - 6th Dan

Currently, Sigung Mickey is the Fitness Arena Manager for Alameda County DSAL Boxing Academy in Hayward, CA.


Chris Stewart

Chris has been studying martial arts since 1995​.

He was recognized as one of the first certified instructors for Karate for Christ International.

  • Kajukenbo - 7th Dan

  • Kenpo - 6th Dan

Founder of the Christian Kenpo Fellowship, and and now a proud member of the  Ordonez Kajukenbo Ohana. Chris is currently the pastor Mt. Pleasant Bible Church in Goodells, MI.


Bob 6.jpg

Robert Napier

  • Kajukenbo - 6th Dan – Sigung

Sigung Robert is a lifelong martial artist, having started training in karate at the age of ten. He currently teaches Kajukenbo at Napier's Martial Arts in Harrison, Ohio.


Eric Cardona

  • Kenpo – 3rd Dan – Sifu

Currently lives in Georgia USA and teaches at at Ju-Ka-Kung Kempo

Eric s.jpg

Grand Master George Versola

George started his journey in Martial Arts under his Dad at the age of 5 in Japanese Karate.

  • Kajukenbo - 9th Dan - Grand Master

George still inspires to pass on the Kempo-Kajukenbo tradition by teaching young kids

and adults under the Advanced Kempo Karate System at the Pacific Palisades Branch in Hawaii.

Grand Master Frank Robello

Frank began training Kempo Karate in 1989 under the late Professor Jonathan L. Vance.

  • Kajukenbo - 9th Dan - Grand Master

Promoted to black belt in 1993 and has been teaching youth and adults since 1991, believing in perpetuating the art of Advanced Kempo Karate. He is currently owner and successor of  the Pacific Palisades branch.

Lee HinesFull.jpg
Professor Lee Hines

Lee is an 8th Degree Black Belt Professor in Kajukenbo.

  • Kajukenbo - 8th Dan - Professor​

Lee has over 40 years of experience in the martial arts.

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